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4 Experiences in India

  1. Dancing at Thar Desert
In India there is one state call Rajasthan. West part of Rajasthan is full with 600 year old culture and dancing. There are two special casts for singing. In hindu it’s call Manganiyar and in Muslim it’s call Langa. They are using their traditional music instruments. And with their voice they are using a kalbelian dance. This dance program will make your legs in dancing way. So if you are travelling to India you must visit Kalbelian dance program.


  1. One night at lake city

                         In south Rajasthan there is a most beautiful city which call Udaipur which second name is city of lake. At                                         night when you will set next to lake and reflection of palaces in lake water will make you romantic.                                                Udaipur is a best destination for couples.



3. Gods own city Varanasi

When we are thinking about India, then first thing comes into our mind is gods a lot of gods. Yes you are right you are in India and India is gods own country. And Varanasi is holy city. Here every evening priests are praying to river Ganga. Ganga is Holy River as per Hindu religion. And every evening when it’s time of sun set. Everyone collect at one place and give thanks to river. If you are in India then you must visit Varanasi.



  1. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is in 7 wonder of world. And constricted with white marbles. Behind this beautiful building there is one immortal love story of Kind Sah jahan and his wife Mumtaj. We know if you are in India you will surely visit this place.