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Q. Which type of hotels Hospitalitybnb is offering?

 Ans. We are heaving few categories to choose hotel which we are sharing with following details.

  • Our all hotels are run by families.

  • We specially want to give protection to solo female traveler so our all hotels are women respected hotel.

  • Our all hotels are presenting their local culture. We are offering boutique hotels.

  • We are working transparently.

  • Our all hotels are mid range hotels. 22-40 Euro for per hotel.




Q. How hospitalitybnb is help full in India?

Ans. We would like to gives our best services to our guests. So we want to give all honest information about travelling to India. If any one have any question regarding to travel India then please feel free to ask us.





Q. Which is the best way to travel India? By Bus, Train, Air Or Car?

Ans. India is big country. So to reach one city to another city is far distance. So in some places we advice to take a flight. Or if you like to cover near by places with in 500 K.M then we are suggest to take Indian railway. Indian railway is the safe and secure way to travel India. And in some places trains are not available so in those city we suggest to hair personal car. Or government approved buses.





Q. Should we require a personal guide to Travel India?

Ans. If you are English speaking person. Then we do not suggest to hair any guide in any city. Because in most of monuments Indian government is offering audio guide. In that audio guide you will get proper local information. And audio guide won’t force you to buy any thing.





Q. India is good palace for backpackers?

Ans. We believe that in every country every type of people are living. We saw that middle class people are living a actual life. How they are suffering in short of money and how they are enjoying in every festival. That’s why we request to every India tourist to not travel as back packer but travel to see both things.