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Namaste, Hello, Hola, Bonjour

Welcome to Rajasthan, India. My name is Ani and I born and grow up in Rajasthan. I born in 1990 but my tourism experience is 56 years. As I belong to tourism family. My grandfather my father and now me we all are working in tourism. And we realize that now days tourism and terrorism both are more problematic. Hahahahahahah

Hospitalitybnb is new online travel company.  And to be very honest with you that I don’t know what to do with tourism. Many different ideas were coming in my mind. When I started to discuss with tourists then I become more confused what should I do?  But I created a web site with hotel offering in Rajasthan. All hotels are best and with lowest price but still as much as I talk with tourists, they do not feel safe way to book with new online travel company while I am offering them best price.

I accept that hospitalitybnb is very new travel company I agree that we do not have a lot of money to make attractive web site. I understand that it’s very hard for you to gain trust. But one thing is true that I want to work and want to work in tourism only so finally I decided to ask with my viewer that please tell me what I should do which gain your trust in me?

I am writing this message and publishing on google adwords because I want to know that tourists who are coming to India, they are humans, or they also have become a computer only?

So, guys please do not hesitate to write me on my mail id If you want to suggest me say me then please feel free to write. Your messages yours words can give me a new light of possibility and that’s very important for me.

Thank you

Looking forward